Friday, February 12, 2010

Installing LED Landscape Lighitng

Installing a LED Landscape Lighting system is much easier to do than the typical lighting system. You'll still have to run wire and do a little digging but the wiring diagram is very simple. With halogen systems you will have to balance the lights to prevent them from dimming at the end of the line. With LED, you can run up to 184 watts on on line (most led lights will be 3 watt - 8 watts each without voltage drop (dimming).

Halogens run at 12v or more based on distance from the transformer; the further out you go, the higher voltage you will need. LED will "self-balance" between 10v- 15v without dimming. In most installations a standard 12 volts transformer works just fine.

If you currently have a low voltage halogen lighting system and want to save up to 80% on your energy costs, consider upgrading to LED. You do not have to change your wiring, just remove the old fixture and put the new LED landscape lighting fixture in place. Check your transformer and be sure its set below 15v (if you have a multi-tap transformer).

You may also be interested in a snapshot of the costs of a led landscape lighting system compared to a halogen landscape lighting system.
Energy Costs

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LED Landscape Lighitng Fixture Preview


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not so with LED Landscape Lighting

In a previous post (Wow it's Getting Dark) , I talked about regular maintenance required for changing light bulbs. I explained the fact that voltage changes (see comments) can lead to a domino burnout effect. When one goes, the others will follow soon if that one is not replaced soon. Keep an annual schedule to help track the life of the bulbs.

All this this is a non-issue if you use LED landscape lights. First, they do not use bulbs (see facts), and they work between 10v - 15v, so they are not impacted the way halogen fixtures are. If burnout has been a problem for you, consider upgrading to LED landscape lights. No additional wiring is needed, they last up to 10 years (and are upgradeable), and you'll save up to 80% in energy costs.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wow, It's getting dark....

Daylight savings has ended and it is getting dark close to 5pm. When I started the heads up back in September it seemed far off but we all know time flies. So, for anyone left in the dark, you'll need to get working on your landscape lighting system maintenance. Safety is critical so keep walkways well lit.

-change all the bulbs at the same time each year. It's okay to wait for one to burn out (indication that others will follow). Changing at the same time will save you time and money. Time because you won't be out there every other night changing one bulb at time and money because you won't have to track which bulb was replaced when....

Just a quick tip but hopefully helpful...



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Landscape Lighting Safety & Security

There are many reasons to install a low voltage landscape lighting system. Because we are nearing Daylight savings and it's getting darker earlier in the evening, I think it's a great time to talk safety and security. The benefits of landscape lighting is that it is also energy saving and improves the look of your property at night.

An led lighting system goes a step beyond and produces an 80% energy reduction over typically lighting system. You can realistically power an entire led landscape lighting system for less than the cost of running just two security lights (about 300 watts of light).

If you are putting in new lights or maintaining what you have, be sure to stroll around in the yard right at dusk to get an idea of where you may have dark spots. For safety purposes you will want to be sure to have all steps, entryways, and walkways well lit. Especially during the upcoming events and holidays when more people will be visiting your home. Trips and falls are one the most common accidents occurring on your home premises.

For security purposes, you will want to have your lights on to deter any suspicious characters from lurking in the dark. It has been proven, a well lit home is less likely to be burglarized. Do not allow your home to be the darkest on the block.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daylight Savings 2009!

Let us pretend it is November 1, 2009 and the time is 1:59:59 a.m... In just one second we arrive at 1:00:00 a.m. That's right, we fall back one hour in time without a time machine!

So why am I telling you this in now? I'm telling you now because:

* I care about your safety and security

* It's better to plan ahead than be left in the dark

* It gives me time help you prepare

Each year during the "time change" LaGina Glass Landscape Lighting experiences a sense of urgency for keeping your homes and businesses well lit for safety & security purposes.

If you have a landscape lighting system we suggest:

# Get your replacement bulbs early
# Replace all bulbs at the same time
# Reset your light timers to turn on just before sunset
# Replace damaged fixtures

If you do not have a landscape lighting system, please consider the added safety, security, aesthetics and the extended outdoor living space you achieve with outdoor lighting.

Ever wonder about the history of Daylight Savings? Click here to learn more...

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Monday, September 28, 2009


I was challenging myself on what my exact ideas are about energy conservation. (1) Technology is allowing "us" to make better choices about the way we "use" our resources. (2) How does that relate to how I do business?

I am not an engineer and I'm not technical to the point that I can answer all the questions around energy conservation. But what I do know is that I really dislike the idea of waste. Even more so, the idea of marketing services or products by convincing people they need more than the do.

Of course I'm chosing my words carefully because I've had clients who were "suspicious" about my suggestions in the past. Sadly due to having experienced the savvy salesperson who went for the ultimate sale! Not my game and I'll admit to taking classes to learn how to do just that. I "wasted" my money because my personality would never allow me to go there.

This is my personality - I love to learn. I'm the one my friends call for information because they know I'll know. Not because I actually know, but they know - I either know someone who does or I will find out. In addition to learning, I love sharing with people what I know.

I don't brag, I just think not sharing the information is another form of "waste." If I have info that will help someone else, prepare yourself to be schooled and if you actually apply what I share - even better. If you find my info unable to meet you needs, that's okay. No harm no foul.

How does this relate to business?

I don't have any goals to push my products on anyone. But I have made the effort to cut out the waste and offer a high quality product at affordable prices. No heavy sales pitch and I'm available to answer questions about your project because I enjoy sharing what I know.

I will never sell you something you don't need and if I believe there is something better for you, I will point you in the right direction. It's about the right product for the right job. Simple.

That completes my challlenge for today.


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