Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Outdoor Lighting

What to insist upon in outdoor lighting.

Fixtures & Equipment:

  • Copper or brass fixtures that naturally oxides and blend into your landscape.
  • Halogen bulbs for brightness.
  • Multiple voltage Transformers for balanced light intensity

Lighting Design:

  • Comprehensive coverage of areas important to you: the outdoor living spaces you enjoy and the unique details of your home exterior and landscaping.
  • Effect, not fixtures. Your lighting design should hide each light source.


  • Timed lights. Dusk to dawn or preset timing.
  • One-touch control through Control Automation enabling you to remotely control exterior and interior lights. Adjustable for security and entertainment functions indoors and out.


  • Prompt response to any service calls
  • Top notch preventive service via an annual maintenance plan - reviews fixture placement, replaces all bulbs, repairs wire, checks transformers and connections, trims landscaping overgrowth around lights and more, to keep your system consistently performing as new.

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Monday, September 10, 2007


LaGina Glass is the owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Diego, specializing in architectural and landscape lighting design and installation. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and has been a small business owner for just over one year. Her background includes seventeen years in the big-box retail industry; with emphasis in Sales and Human Resource Management.

Her short-term goal is to grow her business through business partnerships and customer referrals, while working closely with the community, learning and contributing as much as possible. She applies strong values to her personal life as well as her business (integrity, accountability, building relationships and giving back). Long-term she hopes to expand her business to neighboring cities in California (i.e., Palm Springs and Riverside County).