Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Outdoor Lighting

What to insist upon in outdoor lighting.

Fixtures & Equipment:

  • Copper or brass fixtures that naturally oxides and blend into your landscape.
  • Halogen bulbs for brightness.
  • Multiple voltage Transformers for balanced light intensity

Lighting Design:

  • Comprehensive coverage of areas important to you: the outdoor living spaces you enjoy and the unique details of your home exterior and landscaping.
  • Effect, not fixtures. Your lighting design should hide each light source.


  • Timed lights. Dusk to dawn or preset timing.
  • One-touch control through Control Automation enabling you to remotely control exterior and interior lights. Adjustable for security and entertainment functions indoors and out.


  • Prompt response to any service calls
  • Top notch preventive service via an annual maintenance plan - reviews fixture placement, replaces all bulbs, repairs wire, checks transformers and connections, trims landscaping overgrowth around lights and more, to keep your system consistently performing as new.

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