Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Landscape Lighting - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Service is Key

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Diego offers 12 months of maintenance with every landscape lighting installation. You never have to change a light bulb or worry about making changes to your landscape. Just give us a call if something changes and we'll be out right away to be sure your lights are bright and if you change your plants we'll relocate your fixture to be sure you always have a system working at its optimal level.

We also offer Annual Maintenance Plans for ongoing service. In addition, we offer all prospect a Free Analysis of their current lighting system. So, you may have a system you are not happy with for whatever the reason. We'll come out and give you a full overview of what you have and offer suggestions to enhance that system if necessary.


Landscape Lighting - What to Insist Upon

When selecting landscape lighting, you must insist upon several things but one in particular is the type of fixtures and equipment used. Copper or brass fixtures that naturally oxidize and blend into your landscape (never higher maintenance painted fixtures). Halogen 4000-hour bulbs for better brightness. Interchangeable components that allow easy changes to the lighting design. Multiple voltage transformers to ensure proper and balanced light intensity. Corrosion-proof fixtures, transformers and components.

Making the decision to use quality products and components will prove to give you the low maintenance, high performing lighting system you deserve.