Monday, February 4, 2008

Garden Lights; Landscape Lights

I was visiting with a prospective client recently and wanted to share some of what we discussed. I was initially called out to repair an area of lighting in the back yard - the area was dim. Although this seems like a small task, i needed to explain to the client the importance of not only fixing the immediate problem but to test the entire system to be sure it would not occur again. what i found was this:

-the voltage at the fixture was reading below 8 Volts; standard is 10.3 - 11.8
-connections were not secure - in some cases the connectors where not tight and in others they were not watertight.
-the transformer (although it was a multi tap) would only allow up to 14 volts. The line runs were fairly long in this case.
-the voltage drop was huge because all the fixtures were run in a line (no hub or T-method).

These issues could have been avoided with a professional installation. It is critical to use quality products and accessories along with proper wiring technique. A well planned system allows for proper voltage at each fixture as well as room for future growth of the system.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Diego, we always spend time planning out exactly what is needed to be sure our installation will do justice to the incredible designs we create.


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