Thursday, February 7, 2008

What to Insist Upon in Landscape Lighting P2

Lighting design is very important when working with a designer. Always discuss with your designer what areas of outdoor space is most important to you. Be polite; I asked a prospect what was most important to him and he said "your the designer, you tell me." I was thrown off a bit because what I see may not be important to the homeowner. Needless to say, we were not a good fit to work together.

The designer will work with your vision to ensure comprehensive coverage of the areas most important to you; the outdoor living spaces you enjoy and the unique details of your home exterior and landscaping. It about the Effect, not Fixtures. Your lighting design should hide each light source and your designer will know exactly which fixture will yield the look you are after.

I've had prospects ask for catalogs to select their fixtures and the majority of the time, the fixture they select (based on look) will not give them the effect they want. I encourage my clients to allow me to select the fixture that works best for the application. You'd be surprised how a few of the right fixtures can do a majority of the job!

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