Thursday, March 27, 2008

Maintaining Your System

Many of my clients have voiced their frustration with maintaining their low voltage lighting system. One common frustration is changing the bulbs or figuring out why the system is not turning on. What I find is they usually have a small problem (one bulb out) which is not corrected and leads to bigger problems (several bulbs out).

I recently serviced a client's system of over 100 fixtures. The couple had not enjoyed their system in over two years. The original installation was well done in terms of design and the wiring was in good shape. The biggest problem was the light bulbs were expired, the second problem was the use of aluminum fixtures.

I walked each fixture in detail and identified the problem there at the source. In the process I found cut wires (in at least three locations), over 40 of the fixtures were corroded beyond repair and 80% of the bulbs were burned out. I repaired cut wires, installed new fixtures and new light bulbs. The system is as good as new!

A regular maintenance would have prevented such intense work needing to be performed. Always insist your installer use high quality copper or brass fixtures to prevent corrosion from occurring. I encourage my clients to call me if just one bulb burns out; it is better to change it right away before it creates a domino affect.

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