Monday, March 24, 2008

Repair Your Landscape Lighting

This is what I've come to understand about landscape lighting in San Diego. A good percentage of residents in San Diego have some sort of lighting system in place. For some it is the do-it-yourself kit by Malibu and for others it is a high quality system installed by your landscaper or professional lighting company.

So this is what I offer my clients. It is not my goal to sell you an entirely new system when what you have is in good shape. If you are happy with your system but require maintenance to get it back in shape, that is what I will provide. Sometimes there is a cut wire, bulbs are out or you've made changes to your landscape and want to move fixtures around.

Keep in mind, I will give you a free analysis of your system. I will make the repairs and restore it to its original condition however, if there are things that could be better I will let you know what they are. In many cases I'll even tell you how to make the corrections yourself.

My feeling is this, lighting is important for every homeowner. It provides safety, security and illuminates the wonderful features of our homes. So if you have a system and just need a tune-up give us a call. Troubleshooting is my passion.

LaGina-OLP of SD


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