Thursday, March 6, 2008

Residential Landscape Lighting

As a favor to a friend, I went over to perform what she described a minor repair to her lighting system. She was right, she'd disconnected some wires and improperly reconnected them so her lights were not operating.

I made the adjustment and the majority of the lights came on and so she and I started to examine each light more closely to determine the problem. Of course I was right on that she had not changed out any of the light bulbs (said she didn't know she had to). We counted all the out lights and I tested power to be sure its was just the light bulb.

One thing leads to the next and I discover other things like, not enough voltage to the fixture, a cut wire and shorts in some of the sockets. Oh yeah, she had one 12volt transformer in the back of the house with only one run going to service the lights at the front of the house. Needless to say, those lights were so dim you wouldn't even notice they were there.

Long story short, I will be back there on Saturday installing new fixtures, new wire and a new Multi volt transformer. She'll see her home in a whole new "light."



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