Monday, March 10, 2008

Residential Outdoor Lighting

It was 15 years ago when Tom Fenig and Bob Lyons began working together. At that time, homeowners faced significant hurdles when it came to outdoor illumination. The quality and selection was extremely limited and no one installed low voltage outdoor lighting professionally. It was primarily a side job for electricians and landscapers.

It was Bob Lyons who pioneered the concept of one business committed to outdoor residential lighting, starting his business in Nashville and the business took off immediately. In 1995 Fenig and Lyons launched Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP), with the dedication to expand nationally.

To ensure all weaknesses were met, they created a sister company B&B Manufacturing, to design and manufacture all of its lighting components. They designed copper and brass fixtures to meet the high standards that were missing in the industry.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Diego, we carry on the concept and vision started by Fenig and Lyons. As owner of OLP of San Diego, it is important for me to always be a complete lighting solutions provider from offering our exclusive product line through design, installation and service.

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