Monday, March 24, 2008

Wiring for Landscape Lighting

On Saturday I spent my day installing a lighting system for a client. She had a system in place so to save her on the costs, I incorporated what she had (still in good condition) with the new fixtures. What I found to be the biggest problem was the wiring she had in place.

She originally had her landscapers install the lights and what they did is run one long wire run from the back of the house to the lights in the front. The voltage at the front light was at 3.4v; so dim you didn't know it was there. The transformer was only 12v so that was the maximum voltage it could provide.

They did a good job of marking the hubs (cross sections/connections) but I found all connections were made with electrical tape. As I went through and made wiring corrections, I changed all connectors to water proof connectors. No more short circuits or corrosion of the wire.

After all was said and done, I installed a multi-tap transformer, and 12 gauge wire and was able to get proper voltage on each of the lights. All connectors are now water proof and the lights are shining bright. She called yesterday and was very excited about her new lighting. So excited in fact, she said she planned to be out in her yard all evening waiting for darkness just so she could enjoy the lighting again.

Enjoy your evenings even more...

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