Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Add a Little Glass to Your Garden

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Diego is always looking to expand our product selection. We are now able to offer our clients Orbs by artist Tracy. Tracy specializes in Art Glass for water and land.

These (orbs) are outdoor lighting fixtures that easily connect to a 12v low voltage transformer system which means we can easily incorporate these beautiful pieces with our lighting systems. What a great way to add art and color to your already fantastic landscape. These pieces are durable and able to float in water, add to ground cover or be stake mounted.

How lovely is that?


Home Security

Landscape lighting can do wonders for lighting up those dark places around your home. It has been proven that "dark" homes are more likely to be broken into than homes that are well lit at night. When we design lighting systems we keep your security in mind.

To go one step further in adding to your safety, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Diego has teamed up with Brinks Home Security. We can now offer our clients a complimentary installation of their standard residential security system. We believe in the safety and security of our clients and this is just one way to show that.

Call and ask us about your new lighting system and your complimentary home security system.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gas Prices are Changing the Way I Do Business

Any business requiring travel and commuting will feel the impact of rising gas prices. I service clients all over the county and because of the rising costs I've made significant changes to my marketing strategy and how I schedule for client appointments. I have geographically altered where I actively market and how appointments are made.

All business in a particular area happens on the same day. In the past I serviced my clients within a 24 hour period and now I've extended that to 48 hours so I may properly schedule. Because I have the greatest clients ever this small change has saved me time and lowered my gas expense.

Sometime it is the smallest changes that make the greatest impact. Doing the small things to reduce expenses keeps me from raising the price of my services to compensate. As a matter of fact, I am now in position to pass on the savings to my customers.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Connectors for Landscape Lighting

There are tons of product on the market for making low voltage wire connections and I use different models depending on the job - large or small. The point of showing this particular connector is to show what a typical connector will look like. For low voltage wiring connections, it is critical to use a corrosion proof connector for your copper wiring.
Electrical tape is not waterproof or corrosion proof - and it will fail as some point. What you want is a connector that will not let water in or allow water to sit and corrode the wire. These pre-filled connectors work very well but again this is just one version. Other connectors use caps and plugs and so on but this particular one is simple, easy and great for small residential jobs.
Hope this helps - LaGina


Troubleshooting Your Landscape Lighting System

Outdoor Lighting is what we do...and troubleshooting a system is fun for me! I enjoy the challenge and get a great deal of satisfaction in helping homeowners restore their systems. But if you are up for the challenge in getting your system back in optimal working condition you will want to organize yourself for efficiency.

Everyone will have their own way of organizing but this is how I like to operate:

-Start at the power source - the transformer. Turn it on manually (override the timer/photocell)
-Check the connections to be sure they are secure
-Walk each fixture and note if it is working, visibly damaged or not on at all.
-Go back to the non-working fixture and test for power (you will need a tester to do this)
-If you have power (between 9.8 - 11volts) you have discovered a burned out light bulb
-If you have no power there is a chance of a loose connection, bad connection (connector) or possible cut wire.
-If your voltage is over 12volts, you have too much power.

In the case of a cut wire you will likely have to trace back but the key to keeping organized is to make the small changes as you go. Replace light bulbs and make corrections at the connectors before you pull up wire. When fixtures are wired "in a row" you may discover the loose connection is the problem and not necessarily a cut wire at all. This simple tip will save you time and labor.

Or, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and we'll do the work for you.

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Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are a very important component in landscape lighting. When it comes to the use of MR16 bulbs (in uplighting, downlighting and accent lighting) I prefer to upgrade to GE bulbs. Not only do they last long, the reflectors will last as well. The "silver" lining of a bulb is what reflects the light out of the fixture.

If you find your lighting seems to be dimming over time take a look at the bulb. If the "silver" mirror-finish is flaking, your light is not being pushed out of the fixture and onto the item you are trying to light. This is very typical with low grade bulbs.

GE has a patented titanium reflector that has significantly improve my lighting designs. They do not flake and offer full reflector and crisp lighting. Not using a quality bulb is like buying a 200k car with no engine.

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