Thursday, April 3, 2008

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are a very important component in landscape lighting. When it comes to the use of MR16 bulbs (in uplighting, downlighting and accent lighting) I prefer to upgrade to GE bulbs. Not only do they last long, the reflectors will last as well. The "silver" lining of a bulb is what reflects the light out of the fixture.

If you find your lighting seems to be dimming over time take a look at the bulb. If the "silver" mirror-finish is flaking, your light is not being pushed out of the fixture and onto the item you are trying to light. This is very typical with low grade bulbs.

GE has a patented titanium reflector that has significantly improve my lighting designs. They do not flake and offer full reflector and crisp lighting. Not using a quality bulb is like buying a 200k car with no engine.

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