Tuesday, March 24, 2009

L.E.D. Lighting

If you are anything like myself, when you want to know something you research to the ends until it all comes together. Well, how about L.E.D. lighting and specifically landscape lighting. Manufacturers are working diligently to improve on what is already an incredible product.

It reminds me when personal computers were first available on the market. The moment you bought one something new would come out (still true today). Something very similar is happening with led landscape lights. What you see today (extremely efficient at 50,000 hours) has progressed over the past three years.

Today, you can get a white light (not just colors) to accentuate your landscapes natural color and textures. Years ago, heat was a problem but no more...l.e.d. is cool to the touch (be sure to ask about this because not every manufacturer has caught on). In addition, it was difficult to get an l.e.d over 1.5 watts. Landscape L.E.D.s are reaching newer heights at 3, 6, 8, 9, 10 watts even. Until tomorrow and I'm sure we'll discover even more. Yes, at 6 - 10 watts you can light a palm tree!

Coming soon I'll illustrate the progression of landscape lighting ...where we were and where we are now!

ITMT - In the Mean Time visit www.lglandscapelighting.com


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