Monday, March 23, 2009

LG Landscape Lighting

I am happy to report my new eCommerce website is up and running! If you see something and want to make a suggestion for improvement, please do so. I'm always open to open and honest feedback. If what you want to say isn't helpful, please don't say it (no sarcasm intended, just looking for great suggestions or observation).

With that said, I'm so glad to have finally gotten here. I've changed my mind, my concepts and i finally reached what I've been striving for. A website, a product line and a vision I am proud of. My products are professional quality, energy efficient and affordable.

My specialty is L.E.D. and I'm so excited about this technology. I recently finished a job in Coronado and wow... With the initial design, we were working with halogen low voltage fixtures and we were at 660 Watts. We took the same design and changed to L.E.D. fixtures and used a whopping 80 watts. It's bright and will lasts over 10 years without changing a thing. It uses no light bulbs - L.E.D. lasts up to 50,000 hours!!!

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