Monday, April 6, 2009

Installation Tips

What a beautiful day in San Diego; sunny and warm... i love this. Anyway,

My tip for today for installing a low voltage lighting system directly ties into the initial design of the system. As I'm out with clients, one of the main problems with their existing system is actually a design flaw. When you are adding lights to a new landscape (plants, trees, hard cape, etc.) be sure to consider the current size of your greenery and what it will become.

For example, if you have a tree at 4' but you know this plant will reach 12' at its fullness, please consider how you will place your lighting fixtures. Putting the fixture too close to the base of the plant/tree will cause the fixture to be overrun as the tree begins to grow.

It sounds simple enough but I have issues with trees growing over the fixture and sometimes it is really a mess dealing with the roots. Just a quick tip about something you should consider during the planning portion of your project.



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