Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maintenance Tips

Just wanted to remind you about adjusting your timers on your outdoor lighting system. If you are using a mechanical timer it is very important to have the "current time" accurate. Many of the mechanical timers have the "pins" and you move those pins according to the time you want the system to go on and the time you want them to go off. If your "current time" is incorrect, the on/off settings will be incorrect. When we have daylight savings or you lose power, you will have to manually reset the timers. Sounds like a lot....can be; especially if you have multiple timers on site.
The best way to get away from this is to invest in a digital timer. Digital timers can be set to automatically adjust for daylight savings and they have a battery backup. If you lose power, the battery will keep the time so there is no need to adjust. In addition, the digital timers have vacation mode which allows you to have your lights operate at different times to simulate activity on your property.

Thought you should know....



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