Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Waterproof Connectors

It is very important to use waterproof connectors when making your wire connections. Electrical tape wrapped around the wire nut is not waterproof. In fact, when water does get under the tape, it actually holds the water in (next to the wire). Although it will work for a while it will eventually corrode the wire. In addition, water can then be drawn into the fixture via the wire connections.

Spend a little extra and purchase the waterproof connectors pre-filled with silicon. There are various types on the market but a good one can be purchased at The Home Depot in the electrical department. Make sure you use the connector properly -do not pre-twist the wires you are connecting. Place them side-by-side and as you turn the connector onto the wires, the wires will intertwine themselves. Makes a solid connection.

Hope this is helpful.

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