Saturday, August 29, 2009

Home Garden Lighting

Home garden lighting may seem complicated during the initial search so we really have been working to keep it simple. As needs or questions about how to buy garden lights or how to install outdoor lighting we are available to help out. Because the market for landscape lighting is so broad, we designed our site with a very simple selection of high quality step lights, path lights, deck lights and path lights.

We have a line of garden led lights made of the same high quality copper and brass as the halogen lights; however LEDs are 80% more efficient. One thing that is overwhelming when searching for landscape lights is the never-ending selection. Plastic, aluminum, brass, or copper, up lights, well lights, wall lights, etc. and on and on.

If you really want a quality system to highlight your landscape and beautify your architectural features (and add safety), you can do a great job with just a few simple tips.

1. Select copper or brass fixtures - non-corrosive and usually has a lifetime warranty
2. Most designs require three types of fixtures: path lights, spot lights and step or deck lights
3. Know your desired effect - select the best type for the job (decorative garden lighting may not always give you the light you desire)

Happy Lighting!!!


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