Monday, August 10, 2009

MR16 LED Bulb

In a previous post, I mention my 5 watt-led landscape lighting kit; however I forgot to mention my new MR 16 LED bulb.

Many of you have a system already and may not want to change all of your fixtures. Here's what I have so far: a new MR 16 LED - 5 watt bulb that fits your typical up,down light.

Take out that halogen 20 watt or 35 watt and put in the 5 watt. The bulb is good for 10,000 hours and save 75-85 percent in energy.

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Oh yes, these bulbs are also great indoors for track lighting fixtures that use MR16.

Hope you enjoy the info...

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Anonymous said...

I'm planning on tiling my whole shower with black, grey and clear glass 1x1 tiles. I would love to add four (4) MR16s to illuminate the shower and showcase the work from overhead. The warm moisture is going to be a problem. From your experience should I purchase an enclosed recessed MR16 can light for indoor use? Outdoor use? Do I even need an enclosed can fixture? Do LEDs have problems in this type of high moisture setting? General questions about these lights in high moisture areas, like showers...thanks! :)

LaGina Glass said...

You will want to purchase a recessed light made specifically for moisture. There are LED models available... try

Hope this helps. Good luck with your project!