Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Back w/ True Daylight $avings!

Use your imagination:

It's November 1, 2009 and the time is 1:59:59 a.m. and then what? In just one second we arrive at 1:00:00 a.m. That's right, we fall back one hour in time without a time machine!

Why am we telling you this in September? We're telling you now because:

* We care about your safety and security
* Better to plan ahead than be left in the dark
* Gives is time help you prepare
* Extended special $avings on products through November 1st

There was a time in my career where I was the manager of a big box retail store and we were pressed to keep the store stocked with all the items we promised our clients we'd have. Year after year, no matter how attentive i was to our levels of supply, I could not keep enough light bulbs in stock. Come October, the bulbs were flying off the shelf faster than we could bring them in.

LaGina Glass Landscape Lighting has been experiencing the same sense of urgency for keeping your homes and businesses well lit for safety and security (and because we want them to look nice). Plan early and be ahead of the game.


* Get your replacement bulbs early
* Replace all bulbs at the same time
* Reset your light timers to turn on just before sunset
* Replace damaged fixtures

How we can help?

* Special $avings on replacement bulbs
* Special savings on replacement fixtures
* Special savings on our new LED 10 Light Set
* Special savings on our new LED MR16 Replacement Bulbs

Now through November 1st, I will continue to provide tips and specials every couple of weeks to get you ready for the dark. Specials will not stay the same so if you see something you need, take advantage as the updates come in!

Please forward to your friends and neighbors!

Best wishes,

LaGina Glass


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