Saturday, September 5, 2009

Light Emitting Diode - L.E.D. High Efficiency Lighting

In the August issue of LEDs Magazine, there is an article about a gentleman in Arizona who converted his entire home to LED lighting. He started with the outdoor lighting and was able to reap an immediate savings of $20 a month off his electric bill. If you have an existing lighting system, please consider changing your MR16 20 and 25 watt halogens to 3 or 5 watt MR16 LED.

He then went indoors and changed under cabinet lighting, track lights, recessed ceiling lights and so on. He is making a huge impact in his community with these changes; simple and powerful. There are many options out there to retrofit your existing fixtures, even your recessed lights can be retrofitted with a Cree LED retrofit kit.

He started this project over two years ago and hasn't had to change any LEDs; they will last at least 10 years before he ever will. The upfront costs are a little higher but the retrofit usually pays for itself within 2-3 years. However, consider the fact of the ongoing savings. LED pays for itself over and over again!



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