Monday, September 28, 2009


I was challenging myself on what my exact ideas are about energy conservation. (1) Technology is allowing "us" to make better choices about the way we "use" our resources. (2) How does that relate to how I do business?

I am not an engineer and I'm not technical to the point that I can answer all the questions around energy conservation. But what I do know is that I really dislike the idea of waste. Even more so, the idea of marketing services or products by convincing people they need more than the do.

Of course I'm chosing my words carefully because I've had clients who were "suspicious" about my suggestions in the past. Sadly due to having experienced the savvy salesperson who went for the ultimate sale! Not my game and I'll admit to taking classes to learn how to do just that. I "wasted" my money because my personality would never allow me to go there.

This is my personality - I love to learn. I'm the one my friends call for information because they know I'll know. Not because I actually know, but they know - I either know someone who does or I will find out. In addition to learning, I love sharing with people what I know.

I don't brag, I just think not sharing the information is another form of "waste." If I have info that will help someone else, prepare yourself to be schooled and if you actually apply what I share - even better. If you find my info unable to meet you needs, that's okay. No harm no foul.

How does this relate to business?

I don't have any goals to push my products on anyone. But I have made the effort to cut out the waste and offer a high quality product at affordable prices. No heavy sales pitch and I'm available to answer questions about your project because I enjoy sharing what I know.

I will never sell you something you don't need and if I believe there is something better for you, I will point you in the right direction. It's about the right product for the right job. Simple.

That completes my challlenge for today.


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